what team is Ronaldo on in fifa 22

Cristiano Ronaldo is one the most famous football players this generation. Fans are curious to find out which team he plays for in FIFA 22. Fans were eager to see the five-time Ballon D’Or winner, who is perhaps the most prolific striker in international football. His return to the English Premier League was highly anticipated. The Portuguese international reached his highest point at Manchester United and Real Madrid. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Manchester United player in FIFA 22. He is also the captain for the Portuguese international men’s team. After a difficult stint at Juventus, fans expected him to return to Theatre of Dreams. The 37-year old plays for the English side and performed well in his first season at Old Trafford. Ronaldo is an overall 91 with a five star skill rating and a four star weak foot rating. Manchester United is the ideal place to start your career.

FIFA 22 rating: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Although they are now well into their thirties, Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi still compete at the highest level of the game.

Both players have joined new clubs, Ronaldo going to Manchester United and Messi moving to Paris Saint-Germain. Fans will be able match them in FIFA 22 starting October 2021.

This is a closer look at their ratings in the game.FIFA 22 ratings: Messi vs. Ronaldo

FIFA 22 has given Cristiano Ronaldo a rating of 91. He has lost one point from FIFA 21 when he was rated 92. This is Ronaldo’s third consecutive decline in the EA Sports series. The Portugal captain had previously achieved a FIFA 20 rating of 93 and FIFA 19 ratings of 94.

What is the reason for this decline? Ronaldo, 36 years old, has slowed down by two points but is still at 87. His physical attribute has decreased slightly to 75 from FIFA 21’s 77.

Ronaldo is still the best Premier League player in FIFA 22, sharing the title with Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City’s midfielder — and one of the most prominent players in the game.

FIFA 22 rating of Lionel Messi is 93, which makes him the most valuable player in the game. His FIFA 22 rating is 93, which is unchanged from FIFA 21.

Since FIFA 09, the new Paris Saint-Germain signing has had FIFA ratings of 90-plus. He was also given a FIFA 94 in FIFA 12. Since then, he has not fallen below 93 in any of his 10 titles.

It is interesting to note that Messi’s shooting, passing and physical attributes have remained the same from FIFA 21. However, his defense attribute has decreased from 38 to 34 in FIFA 22,

Messi’s FIFA 22 overall rating is two points higher than Ronaldo’s (91). But here’s how the attributes compare:Rating Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Overall 91 93 Pace 87 85 Shooting 93 92 Passing 82 91 Dribbling 88 95 Defense 34 34 Physical 75 65

The table shows that Messi is considered to be better than Ronaldo in many areas. His passing and dribbling skills are better than Ronaldo’s. Messi’s passing rating is 91 to Ronaldo’s 82, which is indicative of the Argentina international’s greater assists contributions. His dribbling score is 95 to Ronaldo’s 88.

Messi is slightly ahead of Ronaldo in terms of pace, shooting, and physical attributes. But only slightly. Ronaldo’s shooting ability is rated 93, one more than Messi’s 92 and his pace is 87. This is just two points less than his Argentine counterpart.

Ronaldo is far better than Messi in the area of physical attributes with a rating 75, which is 10 higher than the PSG star.

The two stars remain among the top three FIFA 22 players, with Robert Lewandowski, a Bayern Munich forward, being the only one between them. Technically Ronaldo is the joint-third highest FIFA 22 player, sharing the space with four others.

Which players are the best in FIFA 22? 

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: FIFA 22 ratings appear to end GOAT debate

After EA Sports released the FIFA 22 ratings for Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and the top-rated 22 players ahead of the official release date, Friday October 1, EA Sports confirmed the FIFA 22 ratings.

Check out the trailer for EA Sports FIFA 22

EA Sports revealed that Lionel Messi as well as Cristiano Ronaldo are among the top-rated FIFA 22 players. FIFA fans still have to wait for the official release in order to play the game.

The FIFA 22 player ratings have reignited the debate about Messi and Ronaldo, with fans arguing on social media over who is the best.

Messi’s move from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain and Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United following his departure from Juventus has increased the excitement of FIFA fans. They can now use Messi with Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Ronaldo in their FIFA 22 Ultimate Team or in the Premier League alongside the likes Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, and Neymar.

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville also participated in the Messi-vs. Ronaldo debate on Monday Night Football. Neville believed Ronaldo was the best, while Carragher believed it was Messi.

The question is: Which FIFA 22 player is the best?FIFA 22 ratings: Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s FIFA 22 player ratings

Lionel Messi remains the highest-rated FIFA 22 player, with an overall rating of 93%. This is two ratings higher that Cristiano Ronaldo, who was downgraded from a FIFA 21 overall rating at 92 to a FIFA 22 overall rating at 91.

When comparing their base FIFA 22 player cards, Ronaldo’s pace (87), shooting (93)and physical (75) stats are superior to Messi’s. However, Ronaldo has a dribbling stat (95) and passing stat (91) compared with Ronaldo’s 88. Messi’s shooting stat, however, is just one lower than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s FIFA 21 basecard and his FIFA 22 card show that Ronaldo has been downgraded in his speed (-2), his defending (-1) and physical (-2), but his passing has improved (+1) while his shooting has remained the same.Comparing Ronaldo’s FIFA 21 base card with his FIFA 22 card

Comparing Messi’s FIFA 21 basecard to his FIFA 22, card shows that all the stats of the 34-year old remain the same, except for his defending which has been downgraded to 34 from 38.

This is the fourth consecutive game in FIFA’s FIFA game series in which Messi has had a higher player rating that Ronaldo. The last time Ronaldo had a higher overall rating was in FIFA 18, when Ronaldo was still at Real Madrid.

Ronaldo’s downgrade signifies that this is the first time since FIFA 11 the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was rated lower than a 92 overall rating.

Ronaldo was rated 92 overall and Messi 94 overall, respectively. This was the last time Messi had been rated higher than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has been rated higher than the Argentinian winger in nine of the 12 FIFA games. Ronaldo was only lower-rated in FIFA 17 & FIFA 18, and both were 94 overall in FIFA 19.

Which ratings would you give Ronaldo and Messi? Is this enough to make Messi the greatest footballer in the entire world?

FIFA 22 will be released worldwide and in the UK on Friday, October 1, 2021. It is available for pre-order on all platforms.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is powered by Football. It brings the game closer to reality with new modes of innovation and revolutionary next-generation HyperMotion gameplay technology for PlayStation5. This elevates every match.

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