What is Scalp Eczema?

What is Scalp Eczema?

If you notice red, scaly patches on your scalp, you may have eczema on your scalp. The condition can be difficult to distinguish from other skin disorders and can be made worse by stress and extreme weather conditions. Although there is no cure for eczema, there are treatments that can help reduce symptoms and stop flaking.

To treat your eczema, you can start by addressing the underlying cause. For instance, if it’s caused by an infection, a doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics. Then, if you’re experiencing a flare-up of your condition, you can try antifungal medication or antifungal shampoo. In severe cases, your doctor may also prescribe oral steroids. Natural remedies can also help you treat mild forms of eczema and may complement doctor-recommended treatments.

Another cause of eczema on the scalp is allergies to certain products. Some hair dyes and hair products can trigger eczema on the scalp. However, it is not uncommon to develop eczema on the scalp without being allergic to them.

Eczema on the scalp is a form of atopic dermatitis. The underlying cause of this condition is not known, but inflammatory cells and a damaged skin barrier may play a role. Other types of scalp eczema include contact dermatitis, which can lead to itchy and scaly patches.

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