New FIFA World Cup Commercials

New FIFA World Cup Commercials
Superfan Santa
Superfan Santa is a new commercial aimed at American soccer fans. The holiday-themed commercial features Santa Claus at the North Pole, watching international soccer highlights. Santa is frustrated that the world is so focused on soccer at this time of year. After hearing his wife’s comments about Cristiano Ronaldo’s play, he realizes that the U.S. fans cheering in the stands are, in a way, caroling for their team. He then realizes that a victory for the USMNT would be the perfect gift for Americans, and that the tournament is a great opportunity to spread holiday cheer.

Tom Brady
The 2022 FIFA World Cup starts in a little over a month, and the marketing campaign for it is already in full swing. The latest commercial from FOX Soccer features many celebrities and sporting icons, including Tom Brady. In the spot, Brady pokes fun at himself and the game he loves.

Cristiano Ronaldo
It is no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world. This FIFA World Cup commercial capitalizes on that fact and the Portuguese legend’s international status, while also telling a story about his World Cup experiences. This ad will surely evoke a reaction from many people, especially with the World Cup taking place this year.

Wayne Rooney
In the first commercial of the World Cup, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney stars in a new Nike commercial. In the ad, the England star slips a pass to team-mate Theo Walcott. However, England’s World Cup hopes are ended by Frank Ribery’s heroic interception. In the ensuing commercial, Wayne falls to his knees and contemplates the decline of his physique, which has resulted in a thick beard.

Qatar’s decision to host in winter months
There are many commercial benefits to hosting the world cup in winter months, but a big one is the increased tourism. The influx of tourists means a lower cost of hosting the tournament, and it also gives the countries that are hosting the event a boost in the tourism industry. But there is a downside. The winter months can be cold and wet, resulting in fewer people watching the games. The cold climate and short days also mean that football is less likely to be played.

Coca-Cola commercial
The latest Coca-Cola commercial is a fun way to get fans hyped for the World Cup. This new campaign is called “Believing is Magic” and will feature a series of digital films, a social hub, and exclusive Panini player stickers. Fans can collect the stickers digitally. In addition to the commercials, the company will continue its “Trophy Tour” throughout the World Cup.

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