Is FIFA 23 the Last FIFA Game From EA?

Despite its impressive sales and hype, it’s still unclear if FIFA 23 is the last game in the long-running series from EA Sports. FIFA’s storied partnership with EA ended earlier this year, with the two companies announcing their planned separation in July 2023. However, they could still work together to a lesser degree.

Is FIFA 23 the Last FIFA Game From EA?

The FIFA series has sold more than 300 million copies worldwide since 1993, making it the most popular sports video game franchise of all time. But with the end of their partnership, EA Sports are looking to expand their digital products and brand. They also wanted to create a new FIFA game. However, they weren’t able to reach an agreement on the future terms of their deal.

EA’s last game featuring the FIFA brand is FIFA 23, which will hit shelves on September 30, 2018. It includes over 30 leagues, more than 19,000 players and over 100 licensed stadiums. It also has new features including the world cup game mode. This is EA’s biggest launch yet, with more than 10.3 million players downloading the game during its first week. However, it needs a little tweaking, notably with its artificial intelligence.

Among the many features, the new FIFA 23 Career Mode is the showpiece. It allows players to take on the role of face-scanned managers at new clubs. However, it’s not yet available cross-platform.

The Hypermotion 2 technology used to make the game looks great. But the best part is that it uses machine learning to create realistic animations. It also eliminates the need for absolute mismatches in speed, a rare occurrence in real football.

Is FIFA 23 the Last FIFA Game?

There are a few features that are also worth mentioning. For example, the acceleRATE acceleration style is a good way to get a good reaction from your opponent. It also has the power to create some interesting moments. However, it’s not as good as the one used in the previous game. It can also be lengthy and explosive.

FIFA also features a revamped Matchday Experience. It features a new menu and a more immersive interface. The AI also has been enhanced for more realistic gameplay. Another new feature is a chemistry system, which enables players to mix and match players in the same game. It also has an exclusive deal with Marvel.

It’s also been revealed that FIFA 23 will include the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will take place in July 2023. It will also feature the new men’s World Cup competition in November. It will include all 32 participating countries, as well as 12 stadiums in Qatar. In addition, it will be the first title to feature current-generation cross-play.

There are plenty of other features, including a new game mode, the EA Sports FC, which will feature a similar lineup of players and teams. The game will also feature the new EA Sports chemistry system.

FIFA 23 has also featured new aesthetic changes, including a new logo and menu. It also has a new system for customising the look of stadiums. There are also several new players, including Diego Forlan, Yaya Toure, Park Ji-sung, and Lucio.

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