Ecuador vs Iraq Prediction

Ecuador vs Iraq Prediction , ecuador vs iraq tickets, Romario Ibarra was my man of the match, and he looked like a lightning strike when he was on pitch. Mena, Byron Castillo, and Angulo deserve special mentions, as well. Although this tournament result looks very worrying, Ecuador clearly have enough talent to be a threat to the other teams in their group.

We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that Byron doesn’t suffer any serious injuries. As English’s team and I will continue to monitor the website throughout the night for any updates.

Here are the stats from the game

It was a strong performance by the South Americans, as you can see.Contest balls in which possession is lost



FT: Ecuador 0-0 Iraq

And, breathe!

It was a terrible end to a game Ecuador should have won easily.

The match ended in the same way as it had started, but a little faster.

Ecuador will regret the missed opportunities and pessimistic fans may even be concerned about the failure to stop a resilient, but ultimately poor Iraqi side that really looked at the sea. However, they managed to channel Diego Simeone’s spirit and draw a 0-0 at the Atletico Madrid stadium.

It was an excellent test for Ecuador in their final game before the World Cup. We may even see a match similar in the tournament opener against Qatar, which will be held on 20 November.

Gonzalo Plata looked as though he would be starting every game for the next 1,000-years. Angulo brought a tremendous sense of control to the midfield. He knew how to change the play and when to calm down.

Overall, the intensity was high and Ecuador will be arriving at the World Cup with a great squad and beautiful shirt ready to put on an impressive show. Officially, I declare myself to be an Ecuadorian fan for the tournament.

That’s a lot of work! !

Ecuador 0-0 Iraq


Plata made a soft shot to Hachim’s right, but he was unable to stop it!


Plata crosses a ball that is clearly off the arm of the defender.


Massive shout for handball after the ball appears to have hit a defender on his arm after Mena crosses towards goal. We will have to watch a replay.


Three more.

Iraq substitute:

OFF Ammari

ON: Jassim


Oh, my. It’s like Iraq has suddenly woken up. (89 minutes late? I’d guess) and they are now charging forward with the ball.


Ecuador pushing for a late goal which would be certain to win.

Nope. Looks like Zaid can’t continue. Karrar replaces him.

Play stops for Tahseen, the centre-back. I have more time to observe the Ecuador fans who are now dancing in the stands.

He is back.


Reasco, since his arrival, has been a major pest. Reasco, a Newell’s Old Boys striker, certainly has attitude!


Plata and Angulo have added a new dimension to the Ecuador side. They look incredibly dangerous in every attack. Let’s hope they capitalize on the positive momentum.

Iraq changes:

OFF: Hussein & AttwanON Hamzah & Jabar


The joy of the past minutes has been coming down the left side, before being switched over to Plata, who, amazingly, seem to forget everything it happens.


Another Ecuador corner was cleared by the Iraqi defensive unit.


Ecuador has 64% possession so far, and although they have not made many clear-cut chances to win the game, they have had the advantage of the game and should be well ahead.


Oh my! It’s a half chance, but a few brilliant moments of Ecuadorian football!

The ball was being played around the box as if it was a World Cup team. A cross from Plata was just inches from Estrada’s bizarre overhead kick. Liquid football.



Ecuador has a new sense in the middle pitch with Angulo. His long-range shot isn’t too far away and he gives Ecuador an extra spark. Hachim spread his wings as a sea eagle, but he wasn’t getting anywhere close to it.


There are rumblings at the Iraq bench. There are changes.

Iraq has cleared a series of Ecuador corners, and they are now looking quite desperate…

I missed a few half-time changes for Iraq. It was Plata’s fault that he started so well.

OFF: Aoraha & Abdulnabi

ON: Muhsen & Al Boeesa


Ecuador has been cleared from a corner. Iraq has a counter, and they actually cover about 50 yards of the yellow swarm clouds. The call goes out from the other side.


Iraq currently has a back six. Ecuador has stepped up their game in the first minutes.



After some good work by Plata, a diving header was cleared for a throw.


Corner for Ecuador. Won by Plata


The Ecuadorians are bright from the start, with Plata involved immediately. Iraq is under pressure early on because of some direct running from deep.

Tonight he’s going to cause trouble!

Half time subs for Ecuador

OFF: Franco Torres Mendez, Mendez, and Ibarra

ON: Angulo. Chavez. Baquero. Plata

The Iraqi players are back for the second half!

That roar is a sign that the Ecuador players are also back – let’s get started!

It’s impossible for Iraq to continue playing like this after Jesus Casas arrives, is it?

Madrid is full of people who aren’t happy about their inability to focus on the ball and lack of discipline.

It is obvious that Byron Castillo’s foul was completely unnecessary, as I look back.

Guide to the World Cup

Here’s a guide for those who have fallen prey to World Cup fever (I can confirm that they have).

Literally everything you need to know about the World Cup teams. Literally.

The people seem to want more.

These tweets indicate that Ecuadorian fans aren’t satisfied with their team so far. They’re doing fine. They should be ahead, and they are missing many players who would normally start. Relax!

Half time report: Ecuador 0-0 Iraq

To be fair, it’s going exactly as people expected. Ecuador has dominated the pitch and held possession.

The Iraqi army had to resort to long-range strikes against Hussein, who has done well to pull most of them from the sky. There have been a few exceptions to this rule.

Alfaro’s team have been very patient in defending and have gradually moved higher up the pitch. They have also chosen their attacking moments well and the two wingers as well as the full backs, (previously the Castillo injury), have been a mess.

Mena had the best chance, sending the ball into the sea yellow shirts following Ibarra’s fantastic work (yes, he has been my favorite player so far).

Overall, the team showed good intensity. They will be opening the World Cup against Qatar in eight days.

We are almost there! It’s half time!


Hachimnearly was off his line, but he eats the ball quickly. It could have been messy. There are still 30 seconds.


Ecuador does a great job of determining the best time to move the ball from a controlled, calm possession stage to an insane, flashing lights, what’s-going-on level in attack. All of it is extremely well-coach.


As Torres screams to the ground, winces are seen all over the stadium.

He seems to be fine.


You know what? I was going to tell you who my favorite player has been, but I wrote that there were no injuries seconds prior to Castillo getting injured. I’m going not to reveal my opinion.


As we enter the final five minutes of the second half, Ecuador is increasing the pressure. Let’s see how long Iraq can hold on.


Arboleda ON

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Club Leon.



Mena is now free from the box after Ibarra moves away.

Before he shoots, he sees his name in the lights and pings it into the stands.


After a little pinball, the free kick is crossed in and it’s over.

Castillo should be fine, I hope. Castillo will not be continuing, but he is still able to leave the pitch.

Wait a second. Why bother? Castillo is injured from being sliced by an opponent.

Substitute being prepared.


It’s been half an hour. Here’s the story so you don’t forget to join us if you have just joined us.

Ecuador is able to recover long balls from Iraq easily and start their controlled build up, switching sides and finally feeding the ball to one of the dangerous full-backs or wingers.

Concentrations in Iraq are rising, while the Iraqi economy is falling.

Some early fouls were very tasty, but they have cooled down and we have not yet seen any injuries.


It’s not like Ecuador is putting too much pressure on Iraq (they may be a little more relaxed in possession, there are 8 days until the World Cup), but they still look happy to play long ball towards Hussein.

Every. Single. Time.


It’s beautiful stuff. The play by Ecuador is silky, with swishing and washing (is that a term?). From left to right, whipping in a dangerous crossing. Again, last-ditch defense from Iraq. The floodgates could be opened if they can get one.


Referee Gustavo Correia has a conversation with Radhi Shenaishil from Iraq. He must have said something. Naughty boy.


Castillo’s delightful play on the right gets the crowd up and moving. Hussein is well defending it.


Younnes leaps to head the free kick to Iraq. Blocked and out for Iraq’s initial corner.

Dominguez saved our weak header.



Torres, the centre-back, meets the ball at the corner. To reach the ball, he jumps around 400 times and is reminiscent of a sea lion. The resilient defensive line keeps pushing it off the line.


This is a very feisty team so far. Ecuador appear the stronger team and pose a greater threat to Iraq, but they are ready to fight every step of the way tonight. So, erm, interesting challenges.

Attwan receives a yellow to acknowledge his efforts in this challenge. Franco is allowed to continue.

Eek. Franco goes down after being hit with what I thought was the crown jewels. It seems that he was involved in the accident. He was a lucky man.

Attwan is able to land a well-executed deep free kick from Ecuador, but it’s not enough.



The ball was directed away from the right. Palacios made his way towards the box to attack the opposition and struck a powerful volley towards top right corner. Hachim made a fantastic save.


Iraq is happy to give possession to Gustavo Alfaro and are currently in a 5-3-2 midblock.


As Ibarra was being fed from the left wing, there were huge cheers. He is very animated so far.


Hussein is clearly being used by Shenaishil as a target man. There have been a few instances when the goalkeeper has targeted Hussein (and hit him). This could be useful when the legs get tired.


A challenge from Aoraha ends in Castillo tripping over Castillo. It’s a free kick for the South Americans which will be whipped in from the right.

Cleared and Iraq have an opportunity for them to break… but it is futile.


You can still believe it, but further investigation revealed that the impact actually struck Itiyah who is now on the ground.

Play is resumed and he’s back on the road.


Chance! Mena swung the ball in and placed it on Arreaga. Headed wide. You might be thinking of 1-0.


Estrada’s left wing is attacked early by Estrada. Estrada is then taken to the box’s edge. Free kick. You have the first chance to try out the goalkeeper.


Ecuador is happy to retain some of its early possessions, and it looks pretty neat doing so.

We’re done!

Ecuador is our departure point. All green versus yellow and navy

Yes, Ecuador. Yes, Ecuador.

“Our anthems are beautiful.” It’s hard to disagree.

Ecuador now…

It’s a more dramatic song with a beautiful build-up and well-sung by everyone. They just edged it, mainly due to the numbers.

It’s time for the national anthems. Iraq is first (who are wearing a beautiful green kit today).

It was very emotional. Amazing singing by the fans. Top work.

Tonight there is so much yellow! Madrid’s Ecuadorians have World Cup fever! All things are possible: flags, shirts and hats, signs, etc.

Players are now heading out of the tunnel…

Only five minutes left!

These are the lineups once again, so that you don’t forget.

Ecuador: Dominguez; Castillo, Torres, Arreaga, Palacios; Mendez, Franco, Cifuentes; Ibarra, Estrada, Mena

Iraq: Hachim, Younnes; Tahseen, Atiyah; Al Ammari; Al Ammari; Bayesh; Bayesh; Ghasem; Abdulnabi; Hussein

It was pouring, I said.

The smiles of the fans are there despite the rain, wind and everything else.

That shirt is absolutely lovely from Ecuador, I must say.

Only 10 minutes left!

After their last warmups, the players are now in the team room for the final team talk. ).

Can you spot the LAFC members in Ecuador’s lineup? Here’s a hint…

Just to refresh, here’s Ecuador’s starting XI.

Dominguez; Castillo, Torres, Arreaga, Palacios; Mendez, Franco, Cifuentes; Ibarra, Estrada, Mena

Despite the torrential rain, the stadium is slowly filling up!

A quick update on the Iraqi side: You may have noticed Alexander Aoraha from QPR is at the midfield base – this is his first appearance in the national team tonight!

They look happy, indeed!

We have a few more minutes before we can get into the action. It was great to see so many Madrid fans support their team.

Iraq’s starting XI

Here’s the lineup for Iraq. It looks like a 3-5-2 to you

Hachim; Younnes, Atiyah, Tahseen; Al Ammari, Aoraha, Attwan, Bayesh, Ghasem; Abdulnabi, Hussein

The World Cup’s final XI…

We have the Ecuador line-up!

Update on Injury…

We start with bad news. Carlos Gruezo was injured and was subbed off this afternoon. There are only 8 days left.

Welcome to the AS English live stream of Ecuador vs Iraq.

Joe here, and I’ll be your guide through tonight’s events. Gustavo Alfaro’s team will face off against Qatar on the 20th November. This will give us all an idea of how they will perform in the big opening show.

Mexico’s pre-World Cup rivals were Iraq on Wednesday night in Girona. They were defeated 4-0. It appears to be a difficult battle for the Asian side. Let’s see!

Ecuador vs Iraq: How to Watch on TV, Stream Online, International Friendly

At Civitas Metropolitano, Madrid, Ecuador will take on Iraq on Saturday 12 November 2022. Kickoff is at 12.30 ET/ 9.30 ET.

Ecuador will conclude their pre-2022 World Cup schedule in Madrid with a friendly against Iraq. Gustavo Alfaro’s team will play in the tournament’s opening match against Qatar on 20 November. However, their preparations will be hindered by not having any first-choice players for the final warm-up. In Group A, Ecuador will take on Senegal or the Netherlands. Alfaro is still working out his roster for World Cup. This will be the last opportunity for players who aren’t guaranteed a spot. On Wednesday night in Girona Iraq was Mexico’s pre-World Cup sparring partner. They were beaten 4-0. They will not be traveling to Qatar, but they are currently engaged in friendly matches against Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Belgium.

Ecuador – Iraq live online: pre-World Cup 2022 friendlyWhen will the Ecuador vs. Iraq match start?

The match between Ecuador and Iraq will begin on Saturday 12 November 2022.

* 12.30 p.m. ET

* 9.30 a.m. PSTHow to watch Ecuador vs. IraqTV: FOX DeportesStreaming: and FOX Sports App. fuboTVEcuador vs Iraq preview Last chance for Ecuador players to secure a place on 2022 World Cup roster

Ecuador qualified for the World Cup after finishing fourth in South American qualifying. They have played five friendly matches and have not conceded a goal since then. They are defensively sound but things have not gone as smoothly at the other end of field. Goals in the 1-0 wins against Nigerian and Cape Verde were the only time they found the target. Club commitments mean that key players such as Enner Valencia from Fenerbahce, Pervis Estupinan, and Brighton duo Moises Caiceido are not available for this match. This means that other players, who may not be regular starters, will have a chance to make their way onto Alfaro.Spaniard Jesus Casas will take over as Iraq boss

The next competitive match for Iraq is against Oman in the Gulf Cup of Nations in January. This will be followed by clashes between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Jesus Casas, a Spaniard, has been appointed their new manager. However, he will not be in charge of the game in Madrid. Radhi Shenaishil is interim boss and has chosen a roster that includes a lot of young players as well as some more experienced. Amjad Attwan (midfielder for Al-Shamal, Qatar) is the most captained player with 64 appearances. Aymen Hussein, Al-Markhiya’s other Qatari national, is the highest scorer with 11 international goals.Ecuador vs Iraq prediction

Ecuador, if they had been fully fit, would have won this game comfortably. This is especially considering the fact that Mexico, which has been struggling for goals lately, decimated Iraq on Wednesday. La Tricolor will still be able to take out the Lions, and they will relish their chance of keeping another clean sheet.

Prediction – Ecuador 2-0 IraqWho will referee Ecuador against Iraq?

Gustavo Correia, Portugal, will serve as the referee in Ecuador vs Iraq.

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