Chuck Blazer Cause of Death

Chuck Blazer Cause of Death

Those who followed the news of Chuck Blazer’s death may have wondered what the

cause of his death was. The former FIFA president was 72 years old. His cause of

death was reportedly due to rectal cancer. However, his lawyers said that they were

unable to provide details of his death.

Blazer had been suffering from several illnesses over the past few years. He also

said that he had diabetes and coronary artery disease. He reported that his cancer

had been cleared up after surgery.

Blazer was a prominent figure in the global soccer corruption scandal. He had

admitted to accepting bribes when he was working for FIFA. He also played a crucial

role in the downfall of Sepp Blatter. In the end, Blazer was permanently banned from

the sport by FIFA.

Blazer was also the general secretary of the CONCACAF confederation for 21 years.

He was also the executive vice president of the United States Soccer Federation for

a period. He became a member of the FIFA executive committee in 1996.

Chuck Blazer, the American soccer executive who died at age 72, had an unusual

lifestyle. He had an apartment in the Trump Tower, which was rented out to cats. He

also carried a pet macaw on his shoulder. Blazer also had an unruly beard. He lived a

life of disgrace.

His life began in the United States. He grew up in a middle-class Jewish family in

Queens, New York. He attended Forest Hills High School and later attended New

York University’s Stern School of Business. He also worked in family businesses. He

was born on April 26, 1945. He lived in New York City and worked as a salesman. He

began his rise to international soccer in the late 1970s.

He also coached a youth soccer team in 1976. His business was selling smiley face

buttons, which helped him to become successful. In 1990, Blazer was appointed

general secretary of the CONCACAF confederation. He also helped develop soccer in

the United States. Blazer was known as “Mr. Ten Percent,” because he skimmed 10%

off the top of CONCACAF’s business deals. His deals helped to make CONCACAF a

profitable organization. He also negotiated multi-million television deals. He was

elected executive vice president of the United States Soccer Federation and served

on the FIFA executive committee.

Blazer was also a whistleblower. He cooperated with US government investigations

into soccer corruption. He was an informant for the IRS and the FBI. He turned

state’s evidence against FIFA. He was a pioneer in the American soccer business.

Blazer was also a member of the Eastern New York State Soccer Association. He

served on the FIFA Executive Committee from 1996 to 2013. He was banned from

the sport for life in 2015.

He was a renowned figure and his death was widely publicized. His obituary was

widely read on the internet. His Facebook and Twitter accounts have a large

following. His biography is widely searched

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